Monday Morning Blog Roundup

The word “roundup” always puts me in the mind of cowboys and the wild west. One dictionary defines the word as “the herd so collected.” Tee hee! So yee haw and let’s get started!

My Favorite Food Rules @ New Nostalgia: I am growing to believe that more is not better. Food that looks like food does seem to be a better choice than food that does not. Eating foods that will eventually rot makes sense. Making food at home does seem healthier than eating out. I think I want to read the book she mentions.

Time Management 101 from Money Saving Mom: The Money Saving Mom wrote a small e-book on how she manages her time. I always find it helpful to read what others do. Even if I only agree with one tip that is one more tool for me to use!

Are Kids the Victims or Victors in Frugal Homes? @ Frugal Living: Summary: kids win every time if you have your money under control. In the short term and in the long term. And I would add that it is a HUGE disservice to kids to grow up in homes with uncontrolled spending.

How We Control Our Spending @ Budgeting In the Fun Stuff: I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how something always has to give when you have limited means and spend outside your budget. If I say, “oh, let’s just go out to eat,” that money has to come from somewhere. And it comes by taking away from something else. I liked what they said along those lines here.

Evening Primrose Oil, A Mama’s Favorite Remedy @ Passionate Homemaking: I am totally fascinated by all things “natural.” I’ll probably read this article many times before I actually go out and find evening primrose oil, or ever use it even if I do find it! But I like to think about it. 😀


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