Yogurt, Budgets, and Pistachio Dessert

I’ve been reading several different blogs lately about making homemade yogurt. The little fellow eats yogurt with wheat germ and wheat bran each morning and I hate having to buy it each week, and hate the plastic containers it comes in. What a waste when we go through them so quickly. Here are two different ways of making homemade yogurt (not sure which one I’ll try first):

Easy Homemade Yogurt on the Stove @ Keeping the Kingdom First

Crockpot Organic Yogurt @ A Thrifty Mom

The word budget used to be on my top list of words I did NOT like. I don’t especially care for the word still but I do appreciate the idea behind it…planning spending. We call our budget a “spending plan.” It makes me feel better. With that in mind I thought this post on defining what a budget (or spending plan!) is or is not was helpful:

The Family Financial Budget Defined @ Gather Little By Little

Still thinking about budgets I thought this post about the ripple effects of simple living was cool:

The Domino Effect of Simple Living @ miss minimalist

I am a sucker for a new recipe. If I made every recipe I wanted to make I think I’d be cooking 24/7 for the next 60 years. Nonetheless, here’s a new recipe I’d like to try from my favorite food bloggers (who always include a nice photo):

Pistachio Dessert @ Mennonite Girls Can Cook


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