Returning to Life

After an extended hiatus I am ready to return to this little blog. It was March when I last posted, and oh my, the changes in our life since then! Here is is the highlight reel:

  • Moved across the country.
  • Lived in transitional housing shared w/my parents (w/transitional possessions, and a toddler) for six months.
  • Expecting our second child in six weeks.
  • Purchased a home.

I think those events separately would be plenty, one at a time, each year. Put all together is an interesting, challenging, depressing, exciting roller coaster of the past nine months.

Our new home base is very different from our old. Overall we don’t like the change but feel it was the right decision in the long run. I won’t go into that more, but anyone who has left the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere they loved) will know how we feel. No matter how nice the change is, if you loved what came first the change is hard.

Now that we are mostly unpacked and getting settled again I am finding myself wanting to revisit my original passions – homemaking, natural things, finances and really whatever else strikes my fancy. With the new baby coming soon I may not post a lot, but I’ll be updating a bit from time to time until we get settled in our new routines.


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