Thoughts on What is Really Important

I read quite a few blogs each day but few have touched me as this one did. A family is visiting their sponsored child and other children who are sponsored. They visited a family in a “mud walled, thatched roofed home” where the father had come to know Jesus through physical healing of paralysis through a fall at work, though the full healing took a year. Asking the family what challenges they faced brought to light the fact that the roof leaked because it is thatch.The two children have big dreams of becoming a bank manager & computer engineer even though their current life is surrounded by poverty.

Now we just purchased a home and the roof, though old, doesn’t leak. Nor do any other parts of the home. My husband, though injured, is still able to work some. My children, though they may not attend the “best” schools in the country when they are older will likely be able to join whatever trade they desire without having to also overcome abject poverty.

If I were the family in the story and asked what my prayer request was my response would be: a) new roof b) food each day c) good schooling for my children and so on along these lines.

Well this family was asked what their prayer request was. Here’s the summary from the blog: We asked the father what we could pray for. He, without hesitation said, “Spiritual growth. We must grow in our relationship with Jesus. After that, God will take care of the rest of things like the roof and other needs.

Ouch! Oy. Sigh. How is it that the poor father in a struggling third world country can come up with the better answer without hesitation? Why am I, the child of this first world country, in the face of certain hardship, focused first on the worldly things, not on the spiritual? Why do I spend more time wondering how to make ends meet than cultivating a deeper relationship with the One who will meet those needs? Why are all my prayer requests for tangible things rather than the intangible?

Even as I write this I discover that a necessary bill we would now be struggling to pay will be three times as much this month. So how shall I respond? Should I throw my hands up in despair? Shall I just worry myself into the ground? Or should I say, with that father, “pray that I will grow in my relationship with Jesus?” Well, I think it’s obvious there is a right answer here. But for me, not an easy one.

Here’s the link to the original post: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World from JonesBones5


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