Marriage Thoughts

No matter how long or short you’ve been married it is always good to focus from time to time on how you are doing as a spouse. So many marriages are hurting and struggling and it breaks my heart to see people I care about in pain. I’ve come across several marriage articles lately and am glad to read others experiences and think about my own.

Real Marriage, a sermon series from Mars Hill (thanks Rachel!)

Guarding Your Marriage @ Simple Homeschool

The Top Ten Reasons for Divorce @ Whole Intentions

Wisdom, Blessings and Applesauce @ The Calm After the Storm

Choice Secrets of Successful, Long Marriages @ Deep Roots at Home


Adjusting to our New Life with Two

Well, it’s been a month since baby girl was born. The recovery has been great and we are adjusting to life with two children now. I think we find it very novel to say we are going somewhere with “the kids.” I know I giggle a bit each time…kids!

In the last month I’ve also discovered Pinterest (along with much of North America it seems). Because Pinterest can store most of what I post here I’ll be doing a bit more journaling here about our garden and home. That is when no children (like the small one crying next to me) need to be on my lap!

Off to feed the baby!