Pinterest Project: Lemon Rosemary Crockpot Chicken (& Broth!)

So I’ve decided to post “Pinterest Projects” – something I’ve cooked, baked, created or otherwise been inspired by from a pin on Pinterest. Goodness knows I spend enough time there looking! I’m hoping to make this a weekly event but as I’m just starting to blog again we’ll see. I can’t guarantee they’ll all turn out well, just that I’ll be honest. 😀

This weeks project is a recipe for Lemon Rosemary Crockpot Chicken. The link to the pin is here. The recipe is found at the blog A Lighter Journey and doesn’t need expanded on. At the store this week I got a whole chicken and celery. There were lemons in my fridge and rosemary growing in a pot on the porch. By the way – fresh herbs are soooo much better than dried. How did I miss that fact all these years? Our herb garden will expand next year for sure!

Here’s the chicken buried in the crockpot under a mound of yummy toppings.

Because my chicken wasn’t frozen I planned to cook it for 3 or 4 hours as she suggests. Instead, after it had been cooking 3 hours, I realized it was 8:00 pm and I was tired. So I turned the crockpot on low and let it go all night. When I got up in the morning I removed the chicken pieces with tongs but left the liquid that had developed along with all the additions. When the chicken cooled a bit and I removed the meat from the bones.

This is the chicken I separated out when it was done cooking.

The pieces/parts remaining after the meat is gone went back into crockpot. I added some water, bay leaves, some pepper and a little garlic, put the lid back on, kept it on low and left it till the late afternoon.

Here the pieces/parts are added back in to the liquid in the crockpot. This is before I added a bit more water.

In the late afternoon I turned the crockpot off and took the actual cooking pot out. Once it cooled just a bit I strained out the big pieces using my colander over a mixing bowl, then filled my sink with ice water and moved the broth in the mixing bowl to the sink to try and cool it a little more before moving it to the fridge. Once it cooled enough that I didn’t think my fridge would get too warm I put the bowl of broth in the fridge with the lid on and left it there until the next day when the fat had solidified on the surface. Then I skimmed the fat off (and tossed it…cause I don’t yet make soups or sauces that would use it).

The fat has been half skimmed out of the bowl and the muffin tins are waiting to be filled.

To freeze the stock I use ice cube trays, muffin tins and quart freezer bags for the rest. But that said, I sure can’t figure out a great way to get those frozen cubes out easy! Any suggestions?

The first two trays of chicken stock in the freezer. They’ll be separated and bagged into freezer bags once frozen.

Do you have a Pinterest Project that you’ve done? Did it turn out like you hoped? Will you keep the pin? Feel free to leave a comment and include a blog link if you have one. 🙂

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