Our Little Seeds

Sooo, I’m learning how to use WordPress still…hence the interesting arrangement of this post!

I wanted to show off pictures of my seed trays!

I am quite excited to have started some plants from seed and I have two trays that are still alive!

Now they are all bigger. My hubby doesn’t think they’ll be big enough to transplant in a few weeks but I’m not looking that far out. I’m just happy they are still alive. It’s a first!

The middle picture is what they looked like before I thinned them out. I do believe I have “leggy” tomatoes but I don’t know yet if that means they will not make it to the garden.

In my seed trays I have three varieties of tomato, two varieties of pepper, basil and lavender. But the lavender didn’t grow. Not sure why exactly.

Yep, that’s the post. Just wanted to show off my living seeds! I’ve tried growing seeds before and they never made it this far. Hubby tells me watering them helps…